“I came into the world for nothing else, only composing,” the famous Franz Schubert from Vienna, Austria, wrote in 1820. “My creations exist by the knowledge of music and of suffering.” A young artist, who died at 31, experienced the difficulties of life, the severe and intense sickness, as well as the emptiness of existence of those who feel rejected and forgotten. And this is how he came to find refuge in music, to express his pain through his art.

One of his songs became very popular, called ‘Wiegenlied’, D 498. It was known as a lullaby, berceuse, but became the part of the Christmas repertoire since an adaptation in Italian, ‘Mille cherubini in coro’. Andrea Bocelli considers it as his preferred Christmas music. The lyrics are really beautiful. These words remind us the quietness of Bethlehem and the mystery of incarnation. It is easy, while listening to the music, to imagine the ‘silent night’ where God gave to us the most precious gift, Jesus-Christ.

But there is another message we want to underline. Franz Schubert had a very short life. However he was able to identify his goal and his mission. He came to compose. People didn’t understand always his words. Publishing houses refused to print his music. Financial support was almost inexistent. His solitude was obvious.  Nevertheless, his impact was tremendous. He understood the reason of his existence and continued to compose where nobody believed in Him. At the end of his life the influence of his music was real. Franz List said that “Schubert was the most poetic musician that ever lived.”

In the year to come, 2013, we wish you the abundance of God’s blessings. May His peace fill your heart in all circumstances. And don’t forget Schubert. Enjoy your life and find why you are on this planet. Then do whatever is possible to fulfill your mission. As Steve Maraboli stated, “Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer.” Be the most poetic performer of your own mission.

Lyrics: Dormi, dormi, sogna, piccolo amor mio. Dormi, sogna, posa il capo sul mio cor. Mille cherubini in coro ti sorridono dal ciel. Una dolce canzone t’accarezza il crin. Una man ti guida lieve fra le nuvole d’or, sognando e vegliando su te, mio tesor, proteggendo il tuo cammin. Su te, mio tesor, proteggendo il tuo cammin.